You Can Stop Refreshing Every Minute Now: Redfin Launches Open House Notifications on iOS 7

iOS Nearby Favorites Banner

Never miss another open house. Starting today, you can receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad through the Redfin app when you’re near a favorite listing that is having an open house.

We already send mobile instant updates straight to your phone when one of your favorite homes reduces in price, or email you within minutes of a home appearing on the market in your search area. But now, as you’re out and about, you can also receive notifications about nearby open houses for homes you’ve added to your favorites. So if the beautiful Victorian you’ve been eyeing is having an open house, and you happen to be shopping at a mall nearby, you’ll get an instant notification.

iphone5s_notification_3The notification will include the time and the address of the open house for homes within a half mile radius. You can adjust the radius for notifications anywhere from 0.25 to four miles. You’ll also be able to click through the listing’s details page for additional information and driving/walking directions.

Although most open houses occur on weekends, a Redfin analysis revealed that there are plenty of homes showing on the weekdays. Peak times for open houses tend to be between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., so if a home is having an open house near your workplace, you could step out and see it on your lunch break thanks to the notification.

Why the rush? This year we saw homes sell in days, not weeks. Being the first to see a home at an open house can mean the difference between getting an offer accepted, or watching it sell to someone else.

Hit the ground running on your house hunt today by downloading the latest version of the Redfin app from the iTunes App store.


  • Gerald Harris

    This will be a major game changer for the Real Estate Professional who knows and understands how to use this tool to their advantage. In past times you had to call the listing or showing agent of the house in question, now you can get notification on your phone? I am curious as to see the future of the licensed real estate agent in any state. Now a days the average consumer almost has as much information as the licensed agent. The power of the internet is changing the real estate game.