3 Easy Landscaping Tips to Improve Home Security

Guest post by Stacey Waxman, SecurityChoice.net

Landscaping is a terrific way to beautify your home and increase its value, but many homeowners don’t realize that it can also be an effective way to improve your home security. While a safer yard may bring to mind ugly chain-link fences or barbed wire, it’s easy to improve the security of your home without sacrificing attractive landscaping. Here are three simple steps:

1.) Plant shrubs with thorns


Planting thorny bushes underneath windows can protect your home from burglars.

A lesser known landscaping strategy for keeping away burglars is planting bushes and flowers with thorns. These spiky plants make it less easy for criminals to hide in your yard. Rose or holly bushes are both attractive and effective when it comes to keeping intruders at bay. Plant them directly under windows as an extra layer of protection. After all, climbing into a window protected by sharp thorns is no easy task. Be certain that these pointy plants are small enough that they don’t provide hiding spots, however.

2.) Get rid of hiding spots


Plant small shrubs in front of entryways to keep hiding spots to a minimum.

Burglars are generally attracted to yards with plenty of cover. Help discourage these unwanted visitors by getting rid of obvious hiding spots on your property. Keep foliage short. Trim overgrown trees and plant small shrubs rather than giant bushes. Overall, make sure entryways are as open and visible as possible. Any doors and windows that are easily visible from the street or a neighbor’s house are less likely to be targeted by criminals.

3.) Install motion-sensitive lights


Motion sensor lights can deter a potential burglar.

In the same spirit as keeping a clear and open yard, motion-sensitive lights are an important component of a safe entryway or lawn. Install lights near key entry points, like doors or ground-level windows. Many criminals are hesitant to attempt breaking into a home when their presence is easily detected by a pair of bright floodlights.

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful backyard to improve home security. Head to your local nursery or home improvement store to pick up some plants, a pair of shearers and some motion-sensitive lights. Making small changes to your yard is inexpensive and easy – no professional landscapers required.

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  • http://savehouses.org/ Gerald Harris

    Many people don’t think about these details. Most just focus on the 3rd tip. Its important that you take the time as a homeowner to improve your property. Both Physically and Security. This will ultimately get you to stand out should you decide to sell the property in the future.

  • Anastasia Walker

    Planting bushes with thorns is a brilliant idea. And I could not agree more about removing hiding spots.

    Burglars love nothing more than a place to hide before they carry out their crime.