A Little WD-40 for Redfin’s Android App

We’re doubling down on Android today, and refreshing our top-rated app in the Google Play Store. We’ve paired our instantly updated, MLS-powered database of homes with a design that lets Redfin customers see more detail on the homes they love. This version was designed from the ground up with newer Android devices in mind, from the latest operating systems, to larger, higher resolution screens.

 Back in March of 2013 we started rockin’ the new “red branding” on our website. We followed that up with an iPhone release. Now, “cadaver blue” (as our design expert Andrew puts it) is also a thing of the past for Android.

Larger photos throughout the app make better use of that marvelous high definition screen of yours. The result is a less cluttered experience that lets you “eat with your eyes” and quickly spot which homes are worth checking out, and which you can keep walking past.

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This version also upgrades Redfin to the latest version of Google Maps, which has a faster load time, smoother transitions when you pan or zoom, razor sharp graphics, and an intuitive new double tap/zoom touch gesture for one-handed navigation.

Of course, no major release is complete without a new app icon. We’ve added a splash of crimson here as well, with a more modern take on the yard sign.


This was a big push across the whole team, as folks from engineering, testing and design threw their own personal support behind it (Seth and Darren are animals). We think you’re really going to love the update, which is available today in the Google Play Store. Go download it now and get a jump on the home buying season in 2014.

What would you like to see us work on next? Let us know in the comments section!



  • hamedook

    A windows phone app! (ironically posting this comment on a Lumia 920)

    • Joel Ballezza, Redfin

      @Hamedook Thanks for this feedback! While we are focusing on iOS and Android for the time being, a Windows app is on our radar.