On Love and Real Estate: 5 Ways To Lose Your Mate


Whether you’ve seen the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” or not, you’ve probably heard loads of advice on what not to do when it comes to relationships. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems everyone is talking about love or the lack thereof. Turns out Redfin agents, hailed for their real estate expertise, also have a little relationship insight to share. From being caught in the crossfire of an angry divorce battle during a listing consultation, to witnessing a young couple joyfully decide to elope during a key exchange, Redfin agents have seen it all. Here are ten things Redfin agents agree that you should absolutely never do, unless of course you are looking for an exit plan!

For the Guys, How to Lose Your Gal:

  1. Casually mention you’re not ready to buy a home yet because you have a hard time committing to anything long-term.

  2. Tell your Redfin agent, in front of your special lady, that you don’t need that extra room for kids because you don’t plan on having any, just FYI.

  3. Make all home purchasing decisions based on what your bros will think. Man cave? Phssst…man floor!

  4. Insist on custom shelving units for your action figure collection. Yes you do need all 100 Darth Vader models.

  5. Announce very firmly that you are repainting the walls of your new home the colors of your college football team. Interior and exterior.

Hey Ladies, Don’t Try this at Home:

  1. After your first date, set up Instant Updates on Redfin to notify him about your favorite homes listed at a minimum of one. million. dollars.

  2. For your second date night, he suggests his favorite Italian restaurant. You decide instead to take him on a home tour. No biggie.

  3. While watching a movie at his place, he asks what you are tinkering with. Your response: “Oh just baby-proofing your apartment since there aren’t that many homes for sale and my biological clock is a tickin’!”

  4. Insist on bringing your Mom on all home tours, and together veto all of his opinions.

  5. Tell him you need a second master suite for when your parents move in. Maybe a direct intercom too, since your Dad is a little hard of hearing.

It’s true that your Redfin agent is always on your side, but they might not be the best person to turn to for help with dating woes. To get to the bottom of what you actually *should* do to avoid love and real estate conundrums, we asked Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert, co-host of the “Life Story Project” on OWN, and author of several books including “He’s Just Not Your Type, (And That’s a Good Thing)” to offer up some tips for all you lovebirds out there:

AndreaSyrtash CU headshotsmallDo know when it’s time to buy a place together. Like any big step, this should be communicated and not assumed!

Do figure out your neighborhood deal breakers and make sure they aren’t relationship deal breakers. Can’t stand having to drive somewhere for a cup of coffee? Need extreme quiet and access to nature? In a relationship, your values should be aligned so you’re both happy at home.

Do compromise. Once you settle on a desirable area, you’re each going to have your own idea of what you want the home to have. A tool shed! An extra large walk-in closet! (Or is that just me?!) You’re also partners, so find a way to meet in the middle. The rule in a relationship is that if it really matters to one, it matters.

Do use technology to connect. If one of you can’t go to an open house because of scheduling issues, enable Skype video chat on your smartphone or tablet so you can explore a prospective new home together. Just because you both can’t physically be there, it doesn’t mean you can’t share the experience.


  • http://www.amerispec.net/nernberg/ Old Guy Rules

    Very funny and (oh so) true. An observation and recommendation: do NOT argue in front of others. I lose respect for you both! Take your disagreement outside.