Assets Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin May Have to Divide Post-Divorce

Chris Martin Gwyneth Paltrow

$14 Million Malibu Estate

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have officially announced their separation, and now it’s time to decide who gets what. The split comes on the heels of a real estate purchase by the two in late February, when they snatched up an estate in Malibu for $14 million. The estate was designed by the world-renowned architect, John Lautner, and sits on over an acre of land. According to property records, the home was bought under a trust by the name of “Magical Kingdom Land Trust.” It would be a real shame for either of the two to lose out on this with four-bedroom, three-bathroom home, as the secluded estate has heated sandstone floors, a chef’s kitchen, a pool, tennis court, yoga studio and breathtaking ocean views. Maybe they can use it as an “uncouples” retreat.

Paltrow and Martin also share a Brentwood palace, which they bought in June 2012 for $9.95 million. It’s another property that would be difficult to part ways with. The home spans just under 7,000 square feet, and has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. It sits on a well-shaded 0.66 acres, and includes a stable and several outdoor seating areas. The home was purchased under “West Fourth Residential Trust,” which is a name used for other properties owned by Paltrow. The actress once owned a home in Greenwich Village on West Fourth Street, so it’s possible that’s the origin of the trust name.

There is another property purchased under the similarly named “West Fourth Street Trust” in December 2012. The $1.86 million Santa Monica apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,396 square feet. If this is Paltrow’s place, maybe Martin won’t feel so bad letting her keep the almost-beachfront apartment, as long as he gets to keep one of the others.

The duo must also decide what to do with their East Hamptons home, which the two snagged back in 2006 for $5.4 million, under “Orchard House LLC.” Their daughter’s name is Apple, which might have been the inspiration for the name of the LLC. This home is just a stone’s throw away from Paltrow’s mother’s home, which was purchased under the name of Paltrow’s deceased father, Bruce Paltrow.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, together the couple have a net worth of approximately $100 million, which makes them one of the richest celebrity couples in the world. Paltrow and Chris probably have a lot more than real estate assets to discuss; it will be interesting to see which properties hit the market and in what order.


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