What Single Ladies Want: Homes

Nearly 32,000 Single Women Under 35 Became Homeowners in 2013 While Homeownership Among Males Dropped by More Than 3,000

Young single ladies are on the hunt… for a house! According to fresh Census data, 31,540 more single women under the age of 35 became homeowners in 2013.

Last summer, we pointed out that single women younger than 35 were the only age group to lag behind single males in homeownership. Well, watch out gentlemen, the ladies are catching up! While more single ladies became homeowners last year, the ownership rate among single men actually went down: 3,070 fewer single men under 35 owned a home in 2013 than in 2012. As of 2013, 23.1 percent of single women and 28.9 percent of single men under 35 owned a home.

Single Lady Chart

According to Redfin Los Angeles agent John Venti, “I have more young single female clients than ever. They are all highly educated, have great jobs and are far more organized and in tune with market conditions than their male counterparts.”

The increase in female homeowners could be due in part to ladies’ stronger sense of urgency in response to rising prices and mortgage rates. Redfin’s Buyer Survey in February found that 59 percent of single women said rising prices and mortgage rates last year made them feel an “increased urgency” to buy a home, while only 53 percent of single men felt that way.

Nevertheless, these ladies aren’t making snap decisions, Venti said. “My young single female clients tend to evaluate their decision very closely and negotiate aggressively. They are more thorough and cautious than any other group I serve.”

Congrats on your new homes, ladies!