5 Ways to Up Your Home’s Spring Curb Appeal

Guest post by Andrea Davis, HomeAdvisor

Sunlight, nice temperatures, growth everywhere — it sounds like the ideal background for homes during the spring home-buying season. But home sellers need to take additional steps to increase curb appeal, complement the natural landscape and prepare their homes to sell.

Increasing spring curb appeal doesn’t have to require a complete overhaul. By investing in a few projects, buyers will be preparing their home for a quick sale with confidence. Here are some projects to consider taking on:

1. Keep everything clean.

No one wants to see an overgrown lawn or an unkempt home exterior when they drive up. Mow your lawn and remove weeds among the flowers and elsewhere in the yard. Consider having the trees trimmed for between $250 and $500. If the siding is covered in dirt, you should power wash it. And make your windows sparkle in the sunlight by washing them inside and out.

2. Tell them where they are.

Don’t keep the buyers guessing as to which house on the block is yours. Add some eye-catching numbers to the front door, on a signpost or anywhere they’ll be easily visible from the street. There are various number designs, colors and materials to pick from, so you should be able to find the kind that fits your home exterior perfectly.

3. Accent the exterior.

An effective way to increase the siding’s appeal is to add more color. If the siding is a shade of gray, why not paint the shutters or trim a brighter color? By accenting the trim and shutters, the house will look more colorful and appealing. This could make the difference for a buyer’s first impression.

4. Enclose with fencing.

Front yard fencing varies from backyard fencing because it’s decorative rather than defensive. Front yard fences are often short so people can view the area beyond. Types include the traditional white picket fence, a short brick fence with a gate, a short latticework fence or a chain link fence with a gate. The cost will vary by type of fence, but fence installation usually averages between $2,430 and $3,400.

5. Add some porch décor.

Another way to increase home appeal is by decorating the front porch. It should look comfortable and open to visitors. Add a welcome mat, some potted plants and lamps for when the sun starts to set. It should not look dirty, so keep it regularly swept after frequent foot traffic.

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