Top 10 Neighborhoods for Green Homes: Did Yours Make the List?

Green HomesWith Earth Day just around the corner, today Redfin released a list of 10 neighborhoods across the U.S. with the largest number of green homes, and a list of the top green neighborhoods within 20 major metropolitan markets. To compile the list, Redfin data scientists searched through homes for sale on to find those with “green” features mentioned in the listing.

Green features include solar panels, low-flow faucets, dual-pane windows, energy-efficient appliances, environmental ratings and certification programs such as ENERGY STAR®, “Built Green” and LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The ranking is based on the proportion of “green” listings out of total listings in the neighborhood over the past two years.

So without any further ado, here is the list of the 10 neighborhoods with the largest number of green homes:

Rank Neighborhood Metropolitan Area % of Listings with Green Features
1 Valley View Chicago, IL 39%
2 Mueller/RMMA Austin, TX 39%
3 Carpenter Village Raleigh, NC 37%
4 Downtown Bellevue Seattle, WA 36%
5 Downtown Denver Denver, CO 32%
6 Downtown Woodstock Atlanta, GA 31%
7 Galindo Austin, TX 30%
8 Columbia City Seattle, WA 30%
9 Overlook Portland, OR 26%
10 Briar Chapel Raleigh, NC 26%

Austin, Raleigh and Seattle each had two neighborhoods on the top 10 list, showing just how prevalent eco-friendly homes are in those areas. The analysis also revealed:

  • Green homes sell for more: Overall, the median sale price of homes with green features was $47,600 higher than for homes without green features.
  • Green homes aren’t always new homes: Many downtown areas have newly constructed condo buildings that are LEED certified, which may be why four downtown areas made the top 10 list. But while green homes for sale are on average six years newer than non-green homes, the majority of green homes were not new construction.
  • Seattle came out on top: Seattle had 20 neighborhoods where 10% (or more) of the homes for sale had green features, followed by Austin, with seven neighborhoods, and Houston, with six.

Redfin also determined the neighborhoods with the largest number of green homes in 20 major metropolitan areas. In some cities there was no distinguishable second or third place, in which case only the top neighborhood was named:

City Top Green Neighborhoods
AZ | Phoenix
  1. Moon Valley
  2. Dobson Ranch
  3. McCormick Ranch
CA | Los Angeles
  1. Yucca Corridor
  2. Route 66
  3. Portola Springs
CA | Riverside
  1. Monterey Country Club
CA | Sacramento
  1. Downtown Sacramento
CA | San Diego
  1. University Commons
  2. Leucadia
  3. Allied Gardens
CA | Ventura
  1. RiverPark
CO | Boulder
  1. Palo Park
CO | Denver
  1. Downtown Denver
  2. Hale
  3. Lowry
DC | Washington
  1. Braddock Road Metro
  2. Shirlington
  3. Baileys
GA | Atlanta
  1. Downtown Woodstock
  2. Grant Park
  3. Ormewood Park
IL | Chicago
  1. Valley View
  2. Humboldt Park
MA | Boston
  1. Belvidere
  2. Roslindale
  3. Jamaica Plain
MD | Baltimore
  1. Hickory Ridge (Columbia)
NC | Raleigh
  1. Carpenter Village
  2. Briar Chapel
  3. Village Square at Amberly
NV | Las Vegas
  1. Del Webb Anthem
OR | Eugene
  1. Santa Clara Community
  2. Fox Hollow
OR | Portland
  1. Overlook
  2. Pearl District
  3. Concordia
PA | Philadelphia
  1. Byberry
  2. Somerton
  3. Fishtown
TX | Austin
  1. RMMA/Mueller
  2. Galindo
  3. Rosedale
TX | Houston
  1. Cottage Grove
  2. Downtown Houston
  3. Eagle Springs
WA | Seattle
  1. Downtown Bellevue
  2. Columbia City
  3. Willow-Rose Hill

“This is a list every homeowner can effect by upgrading their home with eco-friendly features,” said Julie Jacobson, a Redfin real estate agent in Los Angeles. “Examples include low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets, which dramatically reduce indoor water use; dual-pane windows and insulation, which reduce energy use by helping to seal in conditioned air; and ENERGY STAR appliances, which save both water and energy. All of these features reduce your home’s impact on the environment. Going green also means saving money on monthly bills, especially when you take advantage of the various rebates and tax incentives available; it can really be a win-win.”

Features of Green Homes

For more information on how to make your home more green, check out the following guest post from Jacobson: 15 Tips to Make Your Home More Green This Earth Day

What’s your favorite green feature in your home? Did your neighborhood make the list? Share your thoughts on green homes on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.


  • Brian

    How is Woodstock, GA considered a neighborhood of Atlanta?? Woodstock is almost an hour outside of Atlanta. It is its own town and is no way associated with the City of Atlanta.

    • Audrey Lawrence, Redfin

      Hi Brian. We looked at metro areas, not cities for this report. A metro area is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories. Hope that helps explain why Woodstock made the list.

  • tinagleisner

    Trying to decide how meaningful this ranking is … as most new appliances are EnergyStar, and new windows are almost all dual pane. If this rating was strictly on LEED or equivalent certification, I’d believe it but for now, I’m guessing it’s more a matter of savvy realtors who’ve learned how to make their listing stand out from the crowd.

  • Bryan Bendix

    Downtown Bellevue is not part of Seattle.

    • Rebecca Samuelson, Redfin

      Hi Bryan, We looked at metro areas, not cities for this report. A metro area is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories.

  • Get it together

    Hey Redfin: the overall environmental impact of solar panels, low flow commodes, and dual pane windows is a bird fart in a hurricane when those features are part of large detached homes in the middle of automobile sprawl hell.

    Walkable urban places earn more $/sqft *and* people living in those places impact the environment far less than their sprawly counterparts. *That’s* something worth talking about…more than this eco-fetish list, for sure.

  • Susan Jankoski

    What about Weatherford Place in Roswell, GA? In the heart of “hot” Roswell, Georgia within a block to Canton Street, Cadmus Construction is building an enclave of eight homes that are “green”, Smart and LEED. In fact, it is the first and only collection of LEED Platinum Homes in the state of Georgia. These homes with fortified construction and alternative energy are achieving Platinum level certification! Your article is disappointing and incomplete!

  • Susan Jankoski

    Weatherford Place in Historic Roswell, Georgia is the first and only collection of LEED Platinum certified homes in the state of Georgia. This enclave of EcoHybrid Townhomes with fortified construction, alternative energy, extremely low power bills are thoughtfully designed and built by Cadmus Construction. These should have been featured in your article!