Why I Work at Redfin: Rick Szekely, Redfin Agent

rick-szekely-270x360Guest post by Rick Szekely, Redfin real estate agent

It’s never easy to reinvent an industry. It takes hard work, attention to process and the ability to view the business from the eyes of our customers. When I earned my real estate license, I had this vision.  And when I got the opportunity to join Redfin, the realty revolutionaries, I jumped at the chance.  The past year and a half has been the most challenging and rewarding work experience in my life.

As a Redfin agent, I get to meet new people each day and learn their life stories. I am honored that my clients trust me with their histories, their hopes and fears, and I that I get to impact one of the most important decisions in their lives. To know that Redfin is totally dedicated to the customer experience is empowering. I love the fact that I get reviewed at the end of each transaction. This lets me know exactly how effective I was in helping clients find their dream house and changing the industry one buyer at a time. I still get excited when a new review comes in; I can’t think of any other job that gives immediate feedback!

I am also thrilled by the challenge of finding not just a home, but the perfect home for each family. This is not an easy task; each couple has their needs and wants and priorities. Taking the time to listen and learn from each client is key to my success. I get a charge each time we see a perfect home for a client. This is just the beginning of my advocacy. To make sure they get a thorough inspection, to verify condition and occasionally advocate the cancellation of a contract is central to my role as a Realtor. To always have the mission of “Client First, Client Only” is a wonderful way to work.

I think the best part of the vitality that Redfin brings to the table is the room for professional and personal growth. To see employees being singled out for excellence, promoted and mentored is inspiring. At Redfin, our training focuses on how to more effectively serve our client’s needs. I think I have learned more about the nuts and bolts of real estate in the last 1 ½ years than I did in my whole time in traditional real estate. The knowledge that my success with clients will lead to an expanded role within the company is a great motivator, also.

While the job is tough and the hours can be brutal, the chance to be on the ground floor of something as big as Redfin makes it all worth it. I know I will look back in retirement and see these as the best years of my working life.

About Rick Szekely
Rick is a Redfin real estate agent in Chicago. He takes a holistic approach to real estate, using his experience in finance and as a producer of design shows for HGTV to serve his clients. One day he may need to be a designer, and the next day a tough-nosed negotiator. He says the two keys to his success with clients are that he works hard and truly cares for his clients. You can find Rick’s contact information and read reviews from his clients on Redfin.com.

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