Love at Home: Staying in for Date Night

Did you know that May is Date Your Mate Month? It may not be a widely known holiday, but the concept is important. Just because you’ve found someone you want to live your life with doesn’t mean you should stop taking the time to focus on each other. Whether you just moved in together or have spent years together, you can create a special date without leaving home. After all, home is where the heart is … in this case, both of yours!

Redfin agent David Pollack recently bought a home with his girlfriend, and they’ve been enjoying spending time with each other and their new home.

“The house came with a liquor cabinet so we have been experimenting with making mix drinks, some have been good and some I wish I never tried,” he said. We also watch a lot of movies and shows, plus we got the surround sound system so we really don’t need to go to the movie theaters.”

Here are some other great at-home date ideas, provided by our friends over at

couple cooking togetherThe Couple that Eats Together …

Go on a culinary adventure, and sign up for a meal-delivery service (Blue Apron and Plated are examples) that provides you with fresh, healthy ingredients in exactly the right proportions for meals a few days a week. No shopping needed, so all you have to do is set aside those date nights to prep and cook together while trying new dishes and recipes.

Let the Beats Take Control

Clear the living room, crank up the music and dance like nobody (even your partner!) is watching. You two can perfect your dance moves to show off at the next wedding or birthday bash. If you’re feeling ambitious, download salsa or hip hop dance lessons, and learn dance styles together that you’ve never tried before.

Movies and Massage

The best thing about watching a movie at home rather than in the theater is the extra attention you’ll get. Whenever you settle in on the couch for a film, take turns giving each other a shoulder, back or foot massage.

Get In Touch with Your Inner Artist

Collaborate on a creative project by creating wall art. Mix up some cocktails or pour some wine and settle in for a night of DIY. Choose your favorite songs then stencil and paint the lyrics on a blank canvas.

“Wallpaper” your hallways with personalized DIY art by framing sentimental keepsakes like fortune cookie fortunes, concert and event tickets, family photos and even some pretty nontraditional items like a handkerchief or keys.

Start and End Your Day Together

Make smoothies together for breakfast before you leave for the day. Even if you have a crazy schedule, schedule a few days per week for this. You wouldn’t hesitate to schedule a meeting, but your relationship is even more important and deserves as much attention. And while you may not have time to make a full breakfast, smoothies are quick to whip up, and putting aside a little time every day will allow you to connect before the quick pace of day sets in. In the evening, unwind with your partner in the same way, either with a light dessert — strawberries and whipped cream, which is always an easy, never-gets-old, go-to treat — or a small after-dinner drink, experimenting with different cocktails or trying different teas. Do this after the dishes are done, so you can relax and talk about your day, and be present in the moment without thinking about any to-dos before you head to bed.

Want more ideas? Check out 11 Creative Ways to Enjoy Date Night at Home from


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