Godzilla: Killer Homes of the Actors from the Box Office Hit

“Godzilla” has already raked in more than $200 million worldwide as Japan’s most recognizable monster smashes its way onto the big screen. While the fire-breathing lizard is setting ablaze the 2014 box office records, we decided to take a look at the monstrous homes belonging to a few of the film’s on-screen talent. 

Bryan Cranston, who plays Joe Brody

Godzilla_Bryan Cranston

This Sherman Oaks home belongs to Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays the role of a power plant supervisor who loses his wife to a nuclear disaster at the beginning of the film. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home spans 3,520 square feet and was built in 1941, 15 years before the original “Godzilla” hit the silver screen in 1956! According to property records, Cranston scooped up the modest mansion in 2001 for $966,000. The flick has put Cranston on the movie map, but most people will recognize the actor from the AMC hit television series “Breaking Bad.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays Ford Brody

Godzilla_Aaron Taylor_johnson

This Los Angeles manse is owned by actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays the son of Cranston’s character in the movie. Taylor-Johnson purchased this love nest with wife Sam Taylor-Wood for $4,314,500 in 2013. The  home has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms and spans a whopping 5,500 square feet. Even Godzilla would have a hard time knocking this one down! According to the listing details, the home has a stenciled ceiling, stone fireplace, French doors opening up to a courtyard, a tower room and a pool … sans the fire-breathing dragon. Listing photos also reveal gorgeous grounds with stunning views of Los Angeles.

Ken Watanabe, who plays Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

Godzilla_Ken Watanabe

This chic townhouse belongs to Ken Watanabe, the actor who plays the scientist who studies giant creatures, such as our pal Godzilla. Property records show that Watanabe snatched up the Santa Monica home back in 2009 for $1.1 million. The three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home has an open floor plan with high ceilings and hardwood floors and it looks like a tasty real estate treat for any overgrown sea monster!

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