Mother’s Day Kitchen Renovation Gift Ideas

Mother's day kitchen renovation

Photo by Christopher Porikos Design, courtesy of DesignMine

Guest post by Andrea Davis, HomeAdvisor

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to sit down and consider what she needs. New clothes? Some jewelry? A card with a thoughtful message? If your mother is practical and loves to cook, why not put some money toward upgrades to the kitchen? That way your mother gets a lifetime of use out of your present, and it’s always easy to add on year after year.

To inspire you this Mother’s Day, here are some kitchen renovation gift ideas:

New and green appliances

If your mother has been using the same cooking appliances for several years, there is a good chance they’re getting faded and need repairs on occasion. Why not buy her an all-new appliance or two? This is also a good opportunity to give her something energy efficient, so the gift keeps on giving through utility bill savings.

Repairs to the kitchen floor

After years of people moving back and forth through the kitchen, the flooring has probably started to wear and fade. There might be cracks in the linoleum, cracked tiles or other problems that need fixing. You can wait until your mother is out of the house and hire a flooring contractor to fix those cracks to make it look brand new.

Optimize the sink plumbing

kitchen sink

Photo by Sass Construction, Inc., courtesy of Design Mine

Depending on the type of sink your family uses to wash vegetables and hands before dinner, the sink and faucet could be worn, cracked or out of place with other elements in the room. Upgrading these two fixtures will create a new prep space that can also mean savings on the utility bill. Low-flow faucet installation could cost as little as $130, while sink installation can cost from $180 to $1,500 depending on the type of materials, whether you have to update the plumbing and the extent of the work.

Add more illumination

Lighting is paramount to meal prep, especially in the evenings. To help your mom and anyone else who prepares meals, install more lighting under the cabinets or in the ceiling. Recessed lighting is especially useful for kitchens because they can have energy-efficient bulbs and prevent anyone from bumping their head while moving about the kitchen. Homeowners might pay $760 to $1,105 for all new lighting, or a single light fixture could cost between $42 and $112 when hiring an electrician to do the work.

Eco upgrades

Aside from installing LED lighting, a low-flow faucet and efficient appliances, the kitchen has plenty of opportunities for other sustainable improvements. If there are windows in the kitchen, they could be replaced with double-paned ones that block outside heat or wind and keep the temperature steady indoors. Countertops and cabinets can also be replaced with more sustainable options such as bamboo or solid-surface materials.

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