Why I Work at Redfin: Emily Harmell, Software Developer

People sometimes ask me why I work at Redfin as a software developer. It was hard to narrow down the list, but here are my top 10 reasons:

10. Everyone was so interesting right off the bat. Just during my interviews, I had conversations about board games, ESPN and terrible college roommates, in addition to talking about Java and algorithm runtimes. And at the end of the interview, they sent me home with a new oven mitt!

9. Everyone cares so much about everyone else. On my birthday, a teammate traveled across town to one of the few vegan bakeries in Seattle and bought an assortment of vegan cupcakes for us all to share.


8. The velocity. I got to make so many more awesome things in my first year at Redfin than I did in every prior class and internship. Just a few things I’ve worked on include Redfin Collections, social features, registration features and A/B tests to determine which new features are the most effective.

7. The appreciation and acknowledgment of the work I do. After I worked on my first Android feature, the lead Android engineer sent me this figurine with a note expressing his gratitude for the hard work involved:


6. The leadership. The executive team is full of really smart, really passionate people that I would probably follow into a dark cave full of bats and dragons if they told me it was a good idea.

5. The competitive spirit. We take competition seriously here, whether it’s disrupting the real estate industry in the consumer’s favor or consuming the most watermelon in the shortest amount of time.


4. The morale events. Without Redfin, I probably never would have gone river rafting, played Ultimate Frisbee, joined a kickball league, done a scavenger hunt around San Francisco or taken a cooking class.

3. The creativity. When one of our developers was stuck in a Washington, D.C., snowstorm during a recruiting trip on Valentine’s Day, the whole team pitched in to decorate her desk for her return.


2. Redfin agents are fantastic! They are the most ridiculously hardworking, fun and caring people. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to build features that help them.

1. Everyone is super weird. At Redfin our motto is “keep it weird” and the employees take it seriously.


About Emily Harmell
Emily is a software developer in Seattle working on our New Business Engineering team. Prior to joining Redfin, she studied computer science at the University of Washington. When she isn’t coding, Emily organizes the monthly Redfin Women in Engineering meetings. Outside of work, she spends a lot time adoring her two rabbits, Kat and Bianca.

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  • Carl

    Hi Emily! What a great post; thanks for sharing. Everything that I have read and heard about Redfin sounds so awesome and has made me decide to really really want to work for Redfin, I mean really want to work for Redfin ;) I recently applied online for the Senior Real Estate Agent position, but found out during the application process that having an amazing track record at being the best employee, impeccable customer service skills and great style were not enough. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put my license to work yet (I won’t bore you with the details), so I don’t have any transactions under my belt. Fortunately, I found the Real Estate Support position that will hopefully allow me to get my foot in the door and show that I have what it takes to become a Senior Real Estate Agent. I absolutely love how Redfin bonuses their agents based on customer satisfaction. I am a maniac when it comes to providing customer service and would love to have a job where I get a bonus for it. If you have any tips for me to get my foot in the door, please share. Hope life is awesome! If not, then I hope you make it awesome :)