9 Travel-Inspired Decor Ideas

By Diana Mackie, Hometalk

Make the most of your exciting summer trips by incorporating the mementos into travel-inspired decor! These creative and stylish ideas are so much better than simply putting together a photo album you’ll be reminded of your happy travels every time you enter the room!

1. Framed Map Art

Framed Map DIY via Dwell Beautiful on Hometalk

Framed Map DIY via Dwell Beautiful on Hometalk

Hang up a map from your recent travels in a decorative frame. You can add some cool calligraphy for a more modern look, or age the map with tea bags to go for the vintage vibe. They key to this nifty wall art idea is a dramatic, eye-catching frame.

2. Travel Map or Flag Bunting

map bunting

DIY Travel Bunting via Postcards from The Ridge on Hometalk

Creating this bunting banner of your travels is an incredibly easy DIY! Make sure to finish the project by adding some colorful trim to get the best look possible!

3. Beach Sands of Time

jars of beach sand

Beach Bottle DIY via HOMEWARDfound Decor on Hometalk

Collect some sand and shells to turn into charming keepsakes back at home. (Be sure to check the local regulations to make sure that it is not illegal to bring home shells from the beach.) Craft a cute label for the beach’s name, and top off the jar with coastal-inspired twine. If you can find one truly beautiful shell, place it alone in a jar for an incredibly chic twist on this decor idea.

4. Global Sphere

foreign coin sphere

DIY Coin Globe via Hometalk Member CeeJai

Save up all the spare foreign change you can to come home and complete this stylish decor project. Simply find any circular object at the craft store, and get to gluing! This decorative piece will definitely become a major conversation starter among your guests.

5. Map It Out

Decoupage maps

Mapped Furniture DIY via Hometalk Member Trinity Davis

Create this interesting piece by decoupaging maps or postcards directly onto your furniture. This look works best when you apply the map to either the top of your furniture or the drawers, as pictured here.

6. Cork Map

Map-shaped cork board

Cork Map DIY via Charleston Crafted on Hometalk

Cork is having a moment as stylish home decor. Cut out a silhouette of the USA or overall globe and put tacks in all the places you’ve visited. This is travel-inspired decor that just gets better with time.

7. Collected Travel Papers

Glass jar with mementos

Memento Jar via Home with Heather on Hometalk

Save your airline ticket stubs, train or metro passes and any other paper mementos from your travels in a handsome glass cloche. If you mix in papers of many colors, you’ll have an incredibly attractive piece for your mantel or shelf. Don’t seal it up! Sorting through all the memories is the perfect rainy day or winter activity.

8. Postcard Ornaments

Postcard ornaments

Postcard Ornaments via Simple Country Life on Hometalk

Collect a few extra postcards and stationery pieces from your travel destination to be used as homemade Christmas ornaments! You can print the images onto freezer paper and then transfer to any sort of craft fabric. While wandering the city, save any event flyers or other fun graphic items for this memento decor idea!

9. Map Memento Box

Map memento box

Map Box via Setting for Four on Hometalk

Take a city map from your recent trip and use Mod Podge to paste it onto a memento box. As you continue your travels, you’ll build up an attractive collection of boxes, which can be stacked and arranged into a lovely vignette. You’ll be reminded of your fun times every time you see them.

Looking for even more unique ideas for design and decor? Check out all the creativity being shared every day on Hometalk!

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