6 Tips for Barbecue Safety This Summer

By Kevin Raposo, SimpliSafe Home Security

When you invite guests into your home, it’s important to keep your friends safe and your property secure. From keeping children from accidentally getting into things to making sure your co-worker doesn’t upload a prank Facebook status, there are small changes you can make for barbecue safety and a good time for all.

1. Keep the Party Outside

Barbecue safety

By limiting the space that your guests can access, you limit hazards. You limit the roaming range of the strange friend your co-worker brought and you limit what havoc they might wreak on the place. This also keeps your nephew from falling into the pond you just installed in the front yard and your sister from giving you tips on dusting.

Of course, you’ll need to provide a bathroom with all that fruit punch you’re giving out, so your best bet will be to keep all of your bedrooms locked from the inside. Make sure you don’t have anything too exciting in your medicine cabinet, as well. Limiting the scope of what your guests might find keeps curious and opportunistic hands at bay.

2. Install Extra Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

You want your friends to be safe, especially after night falls. Picking up some extra LED or solar lights is inexpensive and simple. Most come in a stake form, so you can line walkways easily without messing up your landscaping. Keeping walkways lit keeps guests from accidentally hurting themselves and shining lights will limit children or rowdy guests from straying out of sight.

3. Invite Your Nosy Neighbors

nosy neighbors

Inviting your neighbors will help you out in two ways: You can be louder and you can get to know them so that they will keep an eye on your house for you. Your neighbors will like you more and appreciate that you thought of them, and they’ll also be less likely to complain about noise if they’re already there.

A nosy neighbor is also one of the best assets you can have in your neighborhood, because that neighbor will be keeping an eye on everything that happens on your street. A nosy neighbor will prove to be the best alarm if someone has been checking in your windows during the day when you’re not home or on vacation.

4. Grill Safely as Things Heat Up

grill safety

Your grill is at the heart of your celebration. Hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled veggies are what gathered you all here today. Though the grill may be essential to the party, it’s important to use caution when getting the flames (and party) started. Make sure that your grill is in a safe area. It should not be too close to the party as it’s important to keep it away from children! Ensure that the grill is on a flat surface and is away from combustible walls and low-hanging branches.

If you have a gas grill, make sure that everything, including the gas cylinder and gas supply hose, is fitted tightly. If you have any questions, make sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual. Before lighting up the grill, make sure to check the gas supply hose for any leaks. To do so: Coat the hose and its connections in a soapy solution and then turn on the gas. If there is a leak, soap bubbles will form there. If you see this occurring, make sure to shut off the gas completely and replace the hose. If you don’t see bubbles, you’re all set! As you get your grill fired up, make sure to always ignite the barbecue with the lid open to prevent the gas from building up beneath the lid. If the gas builds up, it could cause an explosion!

If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you are using Charcoal Starter Fluid rather than Charcoal Fluid. That one word makes a big difference! Charcoal Starter Fluid is designed to help you start grilling, while Charcoal Fluid is essentially liquid charcoal! Also, make sure to never add additional starter fluid once your grill is going, and never use gasoline. When you’re done, make sure that the coals are completely cool. Even when they are cool, make sure to dispose of them in a metal container. Lastly, it’s always a good measure to keep a fire extinguisher handy to keep everyone safe and the party going!

5. Keep Electronics Safe with a Password

electronics password

In a worst-case scenario, your co-worker’s sketchy friend wanders through your house and finds your computer. To make sure that person can’t access your personal files and data and create even more trouble for you, password protect your login screen. Even if it’s all in good fun, at the very least, this prevents your prank-playing friends from updating your Facebook status without your consent.

You may also consider password protecting other electronics, such as cellphones and tablets, which may be in the party area. Putting parental locks on your television will keep your best friend’s kid from ordering Frozen on Pay Per View.

If you’re really worried that a computer or tablet may go missing, consider putting tracking stickers on them, such as StickNFind or CobraTag. These can sound alerts and help you locate your missing items quickly.

6. Put an Alarm On It

cabinet alarm

Speaking of alarms, consider putting an easy-to-install sensor alarm on drawers and doors you definitely don’t want opened without your knowledge. Many door sensor alarms work perfectly for these jobs, as they are small in size and easy to install, many with just adhesive.

The sensor goes on the moving part of the drawer, the alarm on the stationary side, and when the two sides are separated more than two inches, the alarm sounds. This can keep Junior out of the liquor cabinet while you’re grilling those hot dogs or any idle hands out of your desk drawers.

What’s your favorite party trick to make sure your event goes according to plan? Share in the comments!

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