Redfin Agents Take Home Top State Awards

Seattle REAL Trends Photo

We’re excited to congratulate the Redfin agents from across the country who were named to the REAL Trends List of America’s Best Real Estate Agents in 2014. To make this year’s list, these Redfin agents sold more homes or a greater dollar amount of homes than other licensed REALTORS® in their states.

The “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” rankings, which Real Trends launched in 2013, ranks all agents who have sold at least 50 homes or sold $20 million or more worth of homes.

Although the Real Trends list ranks agents based on sales, Redfin values customer service above all else. Our Redfin model uniquely aligns agent and customer interests. Redfin agents are paid a salary and receive benefits, with customer satisfaction ratings determining each agent’s bonuses. All reviews for all Redfin agents are published on their online profiles — the good, bad and ugly — enabling homebuyers or homeowners to make informed decisions when choosing an agent. Read our agents’ customer reviews and you’ll see why 97 percent of customers would recommend their Redfin agent.

Below is a list of Redfin agents who were named to the REAL Trends List of America’s Best Real Estate Agents list in 2014 in their states. Click the agents’ names to read reviews from their past clients and to see which homes they’ve recently sold. Congratulations to all who were recognized this year!

California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco

Colorado: Denver

 Georgia: Atlanta

Illinois: Chicago

Washington, D.C. Metro Area: Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts: Boston

New York: Long Island

Oregon: Portland

Texas: Austin

Washington: Seattle



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