Welcome to the New Redfin Android Tablet App

I’m excited to announce that our award-winning Redfin app is now available for download on the Android tablet. This new, built-from-the-ground-up app takes advantage of a bigger, more vibrant tablet screen to provide a closer look at the homes you’re browsing.

The centerpiece of the Redfin Android tablet app is an integrated view of a map showing all of the homes for sale in the area, alongside individual home spotlights. One tap on a chosen home will launch a gorgeous “lightbox” showing detailed information about each home. With just a few swipes, it’s easy to get a thorough overview of real estate activity in the area.

The Redfin Android tablet app also provides a detailed home search, accurate information on homes for sale, instant updates on homes for sale, agent tour insights, favorite homes, open house notifications, easy sharing, the ability to take pictures and capture notes when visiting a home and more. Here’s a look at the new app:

Integrated Map and Spotlight of Homes for Sale

Redfin Android tablet app

Individual Home Details in “Lightbox” View

Redfin Android tablet lightbox view

Schedule a Home Tour With a Redfin Agent

Redfin Android tablet app

Thanks to everyone, including Tom Charytoniuk, Seth Goldenberg and Ross Danielson, who worked hard to deliver this first step, among many to come, of Redfin innovation on the Android tablet. Try it out for yourself by downloading it at the Google Play store today and let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook,  Google+ or in the comments below.


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