Tons of Toilets: Which City Sits Atop the Throne?

Talking about toilets may be taboo, but bathrooms are a serious topic in real estate. In fact, our Redfin agents tell us that too few toilets is often a deal breaker for home shoppers. And it makes sense: A family’s quality of life is greatly improved by an extra toilet or two. No more banging on the door, no more angry shouts of “Hurry it up! You think we have all day out here?” It’s an undignified dance everyone’s happy to avoid. Read More

The 10 Best Cities for Coffee Snobs

For the 61 percent of Americans who have at least one cup of coffee a day, today is your day: National Coffee Day. Plenty of national chains are serving up free cups of joe on this ultra-caffeinated holiday, but for some coffee lovers, only “indie” or independently owned, high-end coffee shops will do. To help these discerning coffee addicts, Redfin and Foursquare joined forces to track down the 10 best cities for coffee snobs. Read More