Hot or Not? Redfin Revisits Predictions for Hottest Neighborhoods of 2014

Back in January, we predicted 10 neighborhoods across the country that would be the hottest this year, based on website activity of our millions of unique visitors. Today, we’re checking in to see how hot, or not, those places are turning out to be. We’re also going to clue you in on 10 additional neighborhoods that are starting to heat up now. Read More

World Cup Fever is Global in the U.S.

With 13 percent of the U.S. population born in another country, it’s easy to find excited fans cheering on almost every team participating in this global competition that happens only once every four years. We created a map that connects each of the 31 non-U.S. countries participating in World Cup 2014 with a U.S. city where you’re likely to find residents who were born in that country. Read More