Why I Work at Redfin: Jeffry Rhodes, Support Agent

When I was young, my mom always said I had a knack for helping people. Whether at church or working at the local produce market, I always wanted to help people make the right decision. After graduating from Washington State University, I knew I wanted to be in a place where I could thrive in helping others. You could say that I had a personal passion for customer service. Read More

Redfin Agents Bring New Light to the Sunshine Factory!

Redfin is ready for some serious southern exposure! In addition to serving Phoenix, we are setting up shop in Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson. Residents of Tucson can now work with a local Redfin agent to buy and sell homes and use the Redfin online and mobile tools to search for every home on the market in Tucson including the Northwest, Northeast and Central neighborhoods. Read More