Fall is the Season for Roofing

We roofers have been known to weather all sorts of bad weather to ensure that your roof is up and running and that your home and household are safe and dry. But while most of us are ready and willing to go the distance to address the needs of our clients, we, like the rest of the working world, find it easier to do our best work when conditions are ideal. Fortunately for you, plenty of roofers all across America read “ideal work conditions” as one thing: fall. Read More

Spotting and Fixing Water Damage in Stucco

Water damage in stucco usually stems from improper sealing in parts where the stucco meets windows, flashing and other joints. Have you seen “stucco tears”? Think of them as your home crying for help. And when your house is “crying,” you don’t just wipe (or power wash) the tears away. You have to get to the bottom of the problem before you can apply a lasting solution. Read More