Trying & Not-Trying

Many folks asked this past week how I’ve felt about Steve Jobs’s death, and wondered why I haven’t written about it. When I first heard the news, I thought of a graph Jonathan Franzen drew in “How to Be Alone,” about how Franzen’s ailing father made no concessions to Parkinson’s and then, when that effort… Read More

My Critic, Steve Jobs

I have sometimes been a critic of Steve Jobs: for outsourcing manufacturing, overlooking charities, diverting idealists, sidestepping the web or simply demanding the best. But long before that, Steve Jobs was a critic of me. I hear him whenever I do something mediocre or make a business decision that has no soul. I hear him whenever I… Read More

What Would Apple Do? Don't Ask

For years, it has been fashionable for business-people to approach any problem — choking baby, lonely Friday, cold soup, global warming — by asking Jeff Jarvis’s question: “What would Google do?” But the most admired technology company in the world isn’t Google. It’s Apple. And when it comes to the most admired technology executive, Steve… Read More