Guest Post: Understanding the Value of a Good Faith Estimate

People diving into the modern real estate world are ambitious, mainly due to our fluctuating economy and evolving housing market. Acquiring a property is also on a financial scale unparalleled to many other purchases, and it’s imperative to get it right. Many people spend a large portion of their lives working and saving, all with the hopes of signing on the dotted line one day. It’s a big deal. Read More

FHA Loans Are About to Get More Costly

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) just announced changes to its loan insurance, which is popular among home buyers who don’t qualify for conventional financing. FHA loans are common among first-time buyers because they require just 3.5% down and allow more leniency for individuals with lower credit scores and higher debt-to-income ratios, but FHA borrowers pay… Read More


Did anyone see today’s Wall Street Journal article by Bob Hagerty about Countrywide’s efforts to battle bad publicity? The cast of characters includes a former San Diego Chargers offensive lineman screaming “NOW IT’S PERSONAL” on a conference call with managers, an executive earning $120 million a year describing himself as a “poor kid from the… Read More