Redfin Names the Best Neighborhoods to See Holiday Lights: Did Yours Make the List?

For many families, it’s a Christmas Eve tradition to grab some hot cocoa, turn on holiday music, and drive around neighborhoods to look at homes adorned with lights and decorations. To help, Redfin compiled a list of the best neighborhoods to see holiday lights in 23 metropolitan areas, and the top five neighborhoods in the nation. Read More

How the Top 1% Fared in the Housing Crash

Five years after the crash, the economy may not be back on its feet, but the ultra-rich are sitting pretty. According to new research done by UC Berkeley, the richest one percent of Americans captured 95 percent of the income growth in the United States between 2009 and 2012. With homes always on our mind, this stunning stat made us wonder: How did the top 1% of homes fare the housing crash? Read More