Tons of Toilets: Which City Sits Atop the Throne?

Talking about toilets may be taboo, but bathrooms are a serious topic in real estate. In fact, our Redfin agents tell us that too few toilets is often a deal breaker for home shoppers. And it makes sense: A family’s quality of life is greatly improved by an extra toilet or two. No more banging on the door, no more angry shouts of “Hurry it up! You think we have all day out here?” It’s an undignified dance everyone’s happy to avoid. Read More

The Hot Properties of Professional Athletes with Neal Leitereg

In addition to covering luxury real estate for the L.A. Times’ Hot Property section, Neal Leitereg also writes about the homes of pro sports players, spanning everything from noteworthy deals to incredible amenities. In this Q&A, we talk to Neal about the most memorable properties he has featured, including athletes’ homes complete with over-the-top shoe closets and dueling shark tanks! Read More