Prices, Sales Volume, and Inventory Decline in September

The housing market frenzy of 2013 has officially come to a close. In line with normal seasonal trends, home sales, prices, and inventory all dropped from August. Prices had their third consecutive month-over-month drop, falling 2.2 percent this month. Home sales dropped 19 percent from August, and inventory fell 3.4 percent. However, the continuing housing… Read More

Sales Slip, Listings Plummet, but Home Prices Keep Rising as 2012 Concludes; Inventory Growth Key to 2013 Performance

Home prices, sales, and listings all fell between November and December as the housing market weathered the usually-slow holiday season with a smaller dip in prices than the same time a year ago. Listings continued to drop, falling to a level 33 percent below December 2011 and 44 percent below December 2010. Read More