How to See 20% More Listings, One Week Faster (October Roundup)

Here is Redfin’s monthly email newsletter, with a little about Redfin and a lot about what’s happening in the real estate market. Howdy Redfinnians! Welcome to another action-packed newsletter filled with facts, figures and bold predictions about the U.S. real estate market! First, the Facts First, the blatantly self-serving but absolutely true facts. Redfin commissioned… Read More

In 2012, Competition On More than 50% of California Offers

Redfin real estate analyst Tim Ellis just collected information from offers that Redfin agents have prepared since January 1, 2012, to gauge just how often our customers are bidding on listings that have competing offers. In major California markets, more than half of our offers faced competition. Here are the Redfin markets where competition is… Read More