The Little Website That Could

Like a hideously tortured beast finally broken free of its chains, Redfin’s engineering team has been on the rampage this winter, releasing the second major upgrade to our site in just the past 45 days. This one features Listing Metrics, a dashboard for Redfin customers selling their house to see whether their listing is getting… Read More

Piping Real Estate Data

For a long time at Redfin, we have been casting about for an easy way to incorporate for-sale-by-owner listings from Web sites such as craigslist, or to supplement a real estate search with blog posts about the neighborhood being searched. The problem has always been that craigslist, blogs and other Web sites aren’t structured databases… Read More

Redfin Moves the Earth

There’s a pretty big technology change on today – the integration of Microsoft Virtual Earth as our underlying map platform. Redfin pioneered the use of satellite maps to display information about for sale homes. We built an in-house mapping solution using imagery acquired from various sources (mostly the USGS.) Since then a few other… Read More