Starve the Beast

The Occupy Wall Street protests once seemed so futile to me. You just can’t stop smart people from making money, and I’m not really sure why you’d want to. But it turns out you can persuade those people to make money by doing something useful beyond lining up on either side of a financial bet. They… Read More

A Few Good Interns…

Redfin, Madrona Venture Group and eight other startups today launched a new program to recruit computer-science students to work in the Seattle area as interns this summer. The selection process is rigorous but it’s a sweet deal for the finalists: not only do you get to interview at a who’s who of Seattle startups all… Read More

One in Five Facebook Employees Has No Imagination Whatsoever

Whoa! Shocking news, guys. An engineer left Google for Facebook. The great Lars Rasmussen, creator of Google Maps and Google Wave, quit Google Thursday to join Facebook. This has, admittedly, happened before. In June, Matthew Papakipos defected from Google’s Chrome team. In May, it was mobile guru Erick Tseng. Even Facebook’s chef, Josef Desimone, was recruited… Read More

Harvard, Goldman, Startup

Roger Ehrenberg just posted an essay about why Harvard students prefer Goldman Sachs to a 15-person startup, which I found via Chris Dixon’s excellent Twitter feed. Roger speculates that “many equate start-up enterprises with uncertainty and fear, and only appropriate for those with massive risk tolerances.” This seems to me like the thinking of someone with… Read More