Online Message Boards & Communities: "Think of It Like a Nightclub"

Bridget Frey, Redfin’s newest engineering director, recently joined us from Lithium, the software provider for our for-consumers-and-by-consumers online discussion site, Redfin Forums. Bridget hosted a brown-bag talk at Redfin yesterday about how to build online communities like Redfin Forums, and especially about how to get the most out of a software-provider like Lithium. We aren’t… Read More

We're All Newspapers Now

Redfin posted an essay on TechFlash late last night discussing the implications of what TechCrunch called “Danny Sullivan’s beautiful rant.” Sullivan argues that newspapers should just opt out of Google’s index if they don’t want their home pages to be replaced by Google News. But, as is usually the case with posts like this, we… Read More