A New Phoenicia

At last Thursday’s SIC conference, Tricia Duryee asked why online real estate companies have prospered in Seattle. One panelist cited low home prices, which let young entrepreneurs buy homes they could never afford in Silicon Valley, and from there begin to wonder how real estate could be better. Another suggestion was that HouseValues’ roaring 2004 IPO… Read More

A Changing of the Guard

Quick! Name the top 10 publicly traded consumer internet businesses in the US. When you woke up Thursday morning, the list was: Google: $171 billion market capitalization (26% annual revenue growth) Amazon: $90 billion (38% growth) eBay: $43 billion (14% growth) Priceline: $26 billion (38% growth) Yahoo!: $21 billion (-24% growth) Netflix: $13 billion (45% growth)… Read More

The Age of Revenues

I was talking to a friend in Silicon Valley last night who told me about a consumer Internet startup that is generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, with eye-popping year-over-year growth. What was striking about the conversation wasn’t the revenue itself, but that I’d never heard of the company it came from. This has… Read More

One in Five Facebook Employees Has No Imagination Whatsoever

Whoa! Shocking news, guys. An engineer left Google for Facebook. The great Lars Rasmussen, creator of Google Maps and Google Wave, quit Google Thursday to join Facebook. This has, admittedly, happened before. In June, Matthew Papakipos defected from Google’s Chrome team. In May, it was mobile guru Erick Tseng. Even Facebook’s chef, Josef Desimone, was recruited… Read More