Small is Beautiful, Too

Over the past few months, Twitterers and TechFlash readers have invented a war between big and small startups, and somehow Redfin has landed on the wrong side of it. I only noticed it last night. The great Josh Petersen of 43 Things compared Adam Doppelt’s fantastic essay on boot-strapping Urbanspoon to a talk Marcelo Calbucci… Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Jamie DeMichele Wins Redfin's Strongest-Man Competition

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 a.m., some of Redfin’s finest physical specimens have been stripping down to our under-shirts to compete in the 100-pushup challenge. We’ve been faithfully working through the 6-week program, which promises to build anyone into a mini-Schwarzenegger, for 14 weeks. We embraced the macho rhetoric of the 100-pushups website… Read More