Wild, Wild Horses

Silicon Valley has always showered so much money on the deserving and undeserving that it would be hard for any one of us to say which group we ourselves belonged to. But one crucial difference between this boom and the last is that the folks in the last boom had to ship or starve. Today, not shipping pays pretty well. Read More

The Age of Revenues

I was talking to a friend in Silicon Valley last night who told me about a consumer Internet startup that is generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, with eye-popping year-over-year growth. What was striking about the conversation wasn’t the revenue itself, but that I’d never heard of the company it came from. This has… Read More

About Last Night…

The talk of the town today in Seattle has been TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington’s participation in last night’s TechFlash panel. One panelist said he wanted to spend the rest of his life building his startup, which is just the kind of hand-over-heart sentiment that Mike for some reason feels compelled to subvert, first by insulting… Read More

The Sensitive Orifice

Redfin published an essay in TechCrunch today, “To Steve or Not to Steve,” about entrepreneurs who impose their personalities on a startup. Redfin’s Matt Goyer read it first, to make sure it wouldn’t offend anyone. Matt’s an insightful soul, so I knew he would also appreciate the nuances of my argument. When he was done,… Read More

All the Stuff That Wouldn't Fit in Redfin's TechCrunch Essay

Redfin just published an essay on TechCrunch about what we learned from venture capitalists while raising money. Some of the small-is-beautiful thinkers here in Seattle may say it’s just another how-to guide for kissing investors’ fannies rather than boot-strapping a business. Not true! Our point wasn’t to tell people how to raise money; the entrepreneurs who are… Read More