Does It Really Move the Needle?

One increasingly common refrain I hear among product managers, designers and engineers everywhere is the question of whether a new project will “really move the needle.” During an idle chat with Redfin about how we could analyze traffic patterns and touring activity to determine if a listing was likely to sell quickly, the great Dan… Read More

Our Maps Are Googley Now

Redfin just released a new version of the site. In addition to improving our short sale detection in Orange County and parts of LA and making our neighborhood pages a little more discoverable from the map page, we switched to using Google Maps exclusively instead of a mix of Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Maps…. Read More

Message in a Bottle

We’ve been experimenting with messages in various locations across Recently, we placed an announcement in a message box at the top of our map page. Once the box is closed, it disappears until we run a new message. When we released the latest version of, we ran our first message this space announcing… Read More