The Age of Revenues

I was talking to a friend in Silicon Valley last night who told me about a consumer Internet startup that is generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue, with eye-popping year-over-year growth. What was striking about the conversation wasn’t the revenue itself, but that I’d never heard of the company it came from. This has… Read More

It's Easier to Run a Mile If You're Ready for a Marathon

Two of the most influential thinkers in venture capital, Fred Wilson and Bill Gurley, today published brilliant essays encouraging venture-backed companies to consider an initial public offering. The climate hasn’t always been so sunny for IPOs. Two years ago, Fred Wilson noticed that companies weren’t going public because of the regulatory environment, noting that “every… Read More

What Really Matters in the Debate Between VCs and Angels

It all started at 9 a.m. on July 30, when Dave McClure launched his blog post declaring that venture capitalists are dinosaurs. Since then, TechCrunch has posted four televised smack-downs between venture capitalists and angel investors, wondered aloud if Silicon Valley’s disruptors are themselves about to get disrupted, and will undoubtedly cover a live debate… Read More

All the Stuff That Wouldn't Fit in Redfin's TechCrunch Essay

Redfin just published an essay on TechCrunch about what we learned from venture capitalists while raising money. Some of the small-is-beautiful thinkers here in Seattle may say it’s just another how-to guide for kissing investors’ fannies rather than boot-strapping a business. Not true! Our point wasn’t to tell people how to raise money; the entrepreneurs who are… Read More

Begging and Choosing

Fred Wilson talked the other day about the importance of choosing a group of venture capitalists who like working together. It reminded me of how much I like our investors: Paul Goodrich from Madrona Capital, Marc Singer from BEV, Emily Melton from DFJ and Steve Hall from Vulcan. When I first got involved in raising… Read More