Finish That Thoug…

We just stepped it up big time with our search autocomplete, providing comprehensive, lightning speed suggestions as you type for every city, neighborhood, school, ZIP and county in our database. On top of all that good stuff, we also added the ability to search and find Redfin agents by their first or last name, or… Read More

My Redfin Summer Internship: Wendy Ginsberg

When applying for internships I researched tons of different internship programs and companies, but I kept running into the same issues. Companies with great programs were often too big and I didn’t want to be one of one thousand, or even one of one hundred; however, a lot of smaller companies couldn’t offer the full-stack experience I was looking for. After attending job fairs and combing the web, I finally came across Redfin. I truly could not be happier that I did. Read More

My Redfin Summer Internship: Andrew Kaluzny

I remember that, during my last interview at Redfin, my interviewer asked me how I would go about verifying that Redfin is pulling in data to the best of its ability. This was the sort of thing I was going to be working on: testing Redfin’s data importers. I ended up spewing out a bunch of crazy, intricate ideas. I was pretty excited, and I was looking forward to getting started on implementations. Read More

My Redfin Summer Internship: Melwyn Pak

At the start of my internship hunt last year, I decided that my ideal internship would have the following three characteristics: I would be working in a small team of smart people, I would ship code that would have a major impact on the company and I would be able to experience the ins and outs of a software engineer. After spending three awesome months at Redfin, I would say that my expectations were far from being met – instead, the Redfin rocket that was my summer internship blasted high into the skies surpassing anything that I expected. Read More

An extension to find CSS selectors

  Soon after I started working at Redfin at the beginning of February, I was introduced to the browser automation tool Selenium Webdriver. Regretfully I had never gotten around to taking the web programming course at the University of Washington, and so was barely comfortable with HTML, let alone Javascript or CSS. This made learning… Read More