How to search Redfin directly from IE and Firefox

I recently heard that some loyal Redfin customers were using Google to do address searches. That’s a shame, since Redfin does a pretty decent job of searching for addresses, MLS IDs, cities, etc. I wanted to see if I could help those power users get to Redfin search results with fewer clicks.

Naturally, I wanted to see if I could make a Redfin search available. It was surprisingly easy- I didn’t have to change any Redfin code. I just wrote an XML file, hosted it on a Web server, and put a link into an HTML page (this page, in fact!)

If you’re using Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, you should be able to enable Redfin search by choosing the relevant option in the search dropdown while viewing this page. Here’s a screenshot of Firefox:

add redfin search to firefox

Here’s how it looks in IE7:

add redfin search to ie7

Once you’ve added Redfin, you can do address searches on Redfin using the search control:
search with redfin

Another way to do searches in Redfin is to use a keyword bookmark. In Firefox, make a new bookmark, and edit it to look like this:

redfin keyword bookmark

The important parts are the location and the keyword. The location got cut off in my screenshot, but it should be

(the only tricky part is the “%s” part, which will get replaced with whatever you search for.)

To use it, you type the keyword and the search terms into your location bar, like this:

search for headquarters

or this (for an MLS):

search for mls


  • Tristan

    Thanks Michael! I’ve always wanted a way to search by MLS without loading the VE map and then running the search.

  • ChrisG

    Nice post Michael. I really like the keyword bookmark feature.

  • CP

    I’ve been using this with a search engine I created with the site It was easy if you know the URL syntax of the site you want to add. That was the tricky part with Redfin. I also added other good real estate sites like, and (before Redfin added that – Thanks!)

  • uk04

    Awesome, thanks a lot!

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  • Test

    Does this still work? I'm trying to search for MLS#312159,… and it doesn't work anymore