How to hide the toolbar in Eclipse Juno

Update as of 22 Oct 2012 – the latest version of Eclipse Juno now saves toolbar state across application launches. Great news! The original blog post is preserved below.

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Eclipse, you’ve probably noticed two things:

  • the new UI is not particularly attractive
  • more importantly, there’s no way to hide the toolbar

Luckily for us all, there’s a fix for the missing toggle option that is fairly easy and that works on both Windows and Mac!

First, Help > Welcome.

This brings up the welcome screen, which lets you hit the second step: Window > Show Toolbar.

The ‘show’ command actually hides the toolbar, but we’ll run with it. Do note that Ctrl/Cmd-3 (Quick Access) will re-open the toolbar, so if you use that it might not be worth the effort.


  • SRG

    Thanks for the tip, the “not hiddeable toolbar” has been the first thing that bothered me with Juno ! (this manipulation works fine indeed on my linux box)

  • steve

    Great Post ! I never use that bar !

  • rahulmatharu

    This really works!! Thx :D

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