There’s No Place Like Redfin

No Place Like Redfin 226x300

In the beginning, finding an internship seemed daunting. Working as a peer advisor in the University of Washington’s Career Center during my junior year, I already knew all too well the struggles involved in searching, applying, and achieving any position at all, let alone one that checked off certain boxes – one that was tailored to your interests, knowledge & skill set, while still allowing you to grow, have fun, and make a positive difference at an interesting company. That is what the majority of students at my 45,000 + university look for in a job, and I was one of them. Spring seemed to speed by, and then it froze. It froze the minute I found the application for a Marketing Intern at Redfin Real Estate.

Possessing a strong interest in real estate and a goal of potentially even becoming an agent one day, Redfin immediately caught my attention. As I read more about the company and discovered that they are reinventing the industry in the consumer’s favor, I gained strong respect for their values. This all seemed too good to be true, and it got even better the minute I walked in to the office for my interview.

Not only is the Redfin headquarters office uniquely cool, the people are the same. I left the interview not only thinking, but knowing that I would definitely love it there, and I started three months later.

Coming on to the team, while I had a background in customer service and had taken basic classes in marketing and consumer behavior, I knew there was much more to learn. Even still, I had no idea just how much. Redfin opened my eyes to the endless realms of marketing. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to create internal advertisements on our website promoting featured Redfin real estate classes and listings, to report on registration numbers and costs across 13 different marketing channels including display advertising and radio, to write copy and optimize advertisements on Google in our two largest markets, Seattle and DC, and to create a large A/B test of 10 different factors to determine which most positively increase registrations on our landing pages (where most people arrive coming from a Redfin ad). I also added countless tools to my toolkit, including advanced Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Optimizely and DoubleClick for Publishers, among others. In short, this was definitely not a coffee-getting job. I was able to get my own coffee in our fully-stocked kitchen with endless snacks though!

However, it isn’t just the awesome mission, immense learning or the endless snacks that make Redfin great. It’s the in-between moments. It’s the hilarious comments during the company meeting, the goofy notes and doppelganger pictures around the office, the birthday celebrations, the fact that people get together after work for happy hours, game nights, hikes and kickball games, and the fact that after a while, even a couple weeks, it just starts to feel like home.

In terms of the effort to check off certain boxes with a job, I think I checked them all off then wrote even more.

There’s a sign right by the waiting area next to the front desk. I’m not sure if I noticed it when I first sat there waiting for my interview, but I can’t help but notice it now. It reads “There’s no place like Redfin.”

I think it’s right.