Recap: Seattle JS Meetup @ Redfin HQ

Crowd at Redfin HQ for March Seattle JS Meetup

After a very successful night of hosting the Seattle Scalability Meetup few weeks back, we decided to host another one! This time, we hosted the Seattle JS Meetup. Just like last time, we had an incredible turnout from the Seattle community, with more than 100(!!) attendees sitting in our newly renovated office.

This time, we started off with lightning rounds, where anyone can come up and give a quick, two minute presentation about anything JavaScript related. After the lightning rounds, we had our first speaker, Yuriy Dybskiy, who talked about Meteor, a JS framework that allows developers to quickly create and deploy a web application. He went through and showed us how to create a simple JS web app that allows users to log in and show a picture of their avatar (if they have Gravatar account associated with the email), all using JavaScript and the Meteor API.

Next we had Ryan Eastridge, who created Glowstick, a cool API that allows you to control LEDs on a custom made Arduino board. He created this in part to introduce kids and young adults to the world of computer science and programming. Using simple syntax and APIs, kids can go from creating simple light patterns to making intricate moving rainbow lights (note: cat not included).

Ryan actually brought in two custom-made light boards to the meetup for the attendees to try. The board was connect to our local network and anyone could access it through the network. All they had to do was open up a web browser and navigate to the board. Next, open the console on the browser, and start programming LED light patterns. During the presentation someone actually made a semi-working game of Pong using the Glowstick API. Redfin engineers also created a Redfin Logo using the Glowstick API.

Redfin Logo on Glowstick Lightboard

After the talks people mingled while some continued to program cool lights into the light board. Overall it was a great experience meeting other developers in the Seattle area and hearing all the cool projects people are working on.

We’ll be hosting more awesome events in the future. Until next time!



  • Hi Wei Ting!

    PAWS was here! :)

  • Kristian, PAWS.

    By the way Wei Ting, it’s super nice that Redfin show the average home price when you hover over the green property count circle for an area on the Redfin map. It would be nice to be able to see the median too. Sometimes, a single Bill-Gates wannabe can blow the average property price out of the waters.
    Please make this happen, I believe in you.