Kickball: The Story of a Marketing Internship

Post by: Tian K. – Marketing Intern – Seattle

I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to intern at Redfin. The entire marketing team was so welcoming and friendly, and I gained exposure to different elements of marketing when I worked with members of the copy, design, and email marketing teams to conceptualize, create, and launch an email campaign. During my internship I was continually asked by my manager and my mentor if I felt like I was learning or if I had any questions about what I was working on. As someone normally shy about asking for help, I was grateful for the perfect amount of guidance and support they provided me as I worked on my final project. Although I was able to really own my project, I knew that my coworkers were always there if I need their help. My internship with Redfin challenged me to think strategically, look critically at results, and learn SQL and StrongMail. And as if things couldn’t get any better, I was spoiled with delicious catered lunches, a view of Mt. Rainier from my office, and intern outings like white-water rafting and our trip to San Francisco.

But what I’ll always remember about my Redfin internship is my short-lived time on the Redfin kickball team. During the first week of my internship, I decided to sign up for the Redfin kickball team, thinking it would be a great way to get to know my coworkers. On the night of our first game, a Tuesday evening after work, I shut off my laptop a few minutes early and joined my teammates in the 6th floor kitchen. We were a sight to behold: over a dozen of us, clad in the same Redfin-issued kickball t-shirt, a proud squad of players. Some of us were veterans, others novices, all eager to get on the field and get the ball rolling (and then hopefully up over our opponents’ heads). Our first kickball game of the season was here, and we were ready.

…well, we thought we were ready. We lost that game 17-2.

Even though I only played in one kickball game—commuting back to my home on the Eastside forced me to reconsider my dreams of kickball grandeur—this scene illustrates the Redfin internship experience: you legitimately have fun, become part of a team, and learn a ton along the way. This is Redfin’s culture at its finest, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.

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