“I would have done this for free”

Post by: Matt E. – Engineering Intern – Seattle

I began my Redfinternship journey in the summer with high expectations and curiosity on how my summer would turn out. Immediately I found myself immersed in everything that was Redfin, receiving way more than I could have asked for. Right from the beginning I felt warmly welcomed and a part of the team jumping right into real tasks. By my second or third day I had already pushed code to be released in the next cycle, something I hadn’t done at any of my previous internships.

The greatest feeling was spending the summer treated as a real developer with real responsibilities. From the very beginning I felt like I was shipping real code and working on real things. I learned so much over the course of the summer, never really spending more than a few weeks on one project. Every week during the summer I felt like I was doing something new and fresh. During the summer, I had the ability to touch almost every part of the stack, interacting with Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Dojo, Hibernate, and Spring MVC.

There is more to a Redfinternship than slinging code and shipping features. There is a radiant company culture and chemistry that I feel is rare in a company. I felt that my team wasn’t just invested in seeing me ship code, but also having me grow over the summer as an engineer and a person, receiving constructive feedback constantly through code reviews and questions. Between working, rafting trips, hiking, team outings, and daily exercises there was never a dull moment and I made connections that will last throughout my career.

As I finish up my final presentation, last day and wrap up my internship I am happy to be going back to school, but sad to be leaving such an amazing company. My summer at Redfin was an exciting and productive one where I learned an incredible amount, grew as a person, and had a lot of fun. Redfin set the bar high for future internships. At the end of the day, I can’t believe they paid me because ultimately I would have done this for free.

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