Data Team Restaurant Picks

One of the best job perks of being a software developer on the Data Team at Redfin is actually something that I had never anticipated when I accepted the position. It all comes down to recruiting, because, let’s face it, we’re all really recruiters at heart. I certainly don’t mean to say that we’re all… Read More

What Should I Write About?

It’s that time of the quarter again. Engineers are setting personal goals for the next few months, and as usual the topic of blog posts has come up. We at Redfin love reading blogs, and many people in engineering have expressed interest in contributing to our blog but often they don’t have a good sense… Read More

Blogs We Like

I rounded up our developers and got a list of blogs that we all enjoy reading. I’ve included them below and also on the right sidebar under the “Blogs We Like” heading. Ajaxian – Joel on Software – John Cook’s Venture Blog – lifehacker – MS Virtual Earth Blog –… Read More