My Redfin Summer Internship: Melwyn Pak

At the start of my internship hunt last year, I decided that my ideal internship would have the following three characteristics: I would be working in a small team of smart people, I would ship code that would have a major impact on the company and I would be able to experience the ins and outs of a software engineer. After spending three awesome months at Redfin, I would say that my expectations were far from being met – instead, the Redfin rocket that was my summer internship blasted high into the skies surpassing anything that I expected. Read More

I fell off the raft.

Today we’re kicking off a series of posts written by Redfin’s summer 2013 interns in Engineering, Marketing, and Analytics. Post by: Michael Z. – Engineering Intern – Seattle I fell off the raft. I fell off the raft. Of course it would be me, the only one on Team Redfin who didn’t know how to… Read More

Stealth Internship: Collections

Kelsey, a Product Manager (PM) intern here at Redfin over the summer, took a non-traditional approach to writing about her summer internship – she created a mock-up. We’ve been sitting on it for months while we published posts by other interns describing their impact, their pre-Redfin identity crises, past lives in biostatistics, and how there’s… Read More