My Redfin Summer Internship: Wendy Ginsberg

When applying for internships I researched tons of different internship programs and companies, but I kept running into the same issues. Companies with great programs were often too big and I didn’t want to be one of one thousand, or even one of one hundred; however, a lot of smaller companies couldn’t offer the full-stack experience I was looking for. After attending job fairs and combing the web, I finally came across Redfin. I truly could not be happier that I did. Read More

My Redfin Summer Internship: Andrew Kaluzny

I remember that, during my last interview at Redfin, my interviewer asked me how I would go about verifying that Redfin is pulling in data to the best of its ability. This was the sort of thing I was going to be working on: testing Redfin’s data importers. I ended up spewing out a bunch of crazy, intricate ideas. I was pretty excited, and I was looking forward to getting started on implementations. Read More

My Redfin Summer Internship: Melwyn Pak

At the start of my internship hunt last year, I decided that my ideal internship would have the following three characteristics: I would be working in a small team of smart people, I would ship code that would have a major impact on the company and I would be able to experience the ins and outs of a software engineer. After spending three awesome months at Redfin, I would say that my expectations were far from being met – instead, the Redfin rocket that was my summer internship blasted high into the skies surpassing anything that I expected. Read More