Redfin at PennApps!

This past weekend I had the privilege of representing Redfin as a mentor at the PennApps 48-hour hackathon at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In addition to having sponsors help cover the cost of the event, PennApps invited companies to send along representatives to help answer questions that students might have during the competition…. Read More

A Plea for Space

Neil Armstrong’s gone. Let’s not let the spirit of Apollo die with him. A reporter once asked Neil Armstrong to comment on the conspiracy theory that the U.S. had faked his famous lunar landing. He chuckled and said that it didn’t bother him, “because I know that one day somebody’s going to fly back up… Read More

Use dojo.hash instead of dojo.back

In Dojo 1.4, the Dojo Toolkit team introduced a new “dojo.hash” library for managing the back button in AJAX applications. It’s a replacement for “dojo.back,” which was available in Dojo 1.0. If you’re deciding whether to use dojo.hash vs. dojo.back for your next web application, you should use dojo.hash. Background: Back Button in AJAX AJAX… Read More