Introducing MultiMarker: The fastest way to add many hundreds or thousands of markers on Google Maps

At Google IO 2009, our fearless leader Sasha Aickin (my boss) demonstrated our high-performance Google Maps utility library to the world; we provided directions explaining how to code it, but we didn’t actually ship the code. Today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve made our MultiMarker utility library code (formerly known as SuperMarker) available to… Read More

How to Set Up Hot Code Replacement with Tomcat and Eclipse

This blog post will guide you through setting up Tomcat hot code replacement (also called hotswap debugging) in Eclipse. What Is “Hot Code Replace”? What’s the Catch? What About JavaRebel? Configuring Your Web Application in Eclipse Download Eclipse “JEE” Edition Switch to the “Java EE” Perspective Configure Your WAR Project Create a New Server Magic… Read More

Maven Reactor Tricks

Not many people know this, but you can use Maven to resume a failed build from the middle, or to build just a subset of projects in a multi-module (a.k.a. “reactor”) build. Example Reactor Project Consider this complex multi-module reactor build: my-root-project |– pom.xml |– barBusinessLogic | `– pom.xml |– bazDataAccess | `– pom.xml |–… Read More