I fell off the raft.

Today we’re kicking off a series of posts written by Redfin’s summer 2013 interns in Engineering, Marketing, and Analytics. Post by: Michael Z. – Engineering Intern – Seattle I fell off the raft. I fell off the raft. Of course it would be me, the only one on Team Redfin who didn’t know how to… Read More

Runtime Feature Checks at Redfin

A little over a year ago, the engineering team here at Redfin made a big change: we switched from shipping major versions of the code once every two months to shipping once every three weeks (with only a few exceptions, like when hackathons conflict with release dates). One of the major contributors to us shipping… Read More

Life with New Relic

Improving performance is awesome. As a web developer, there is a unique satisfaction knowing a page now loads in half the time, or spends less time accessing databases. However, improving a page takes time; time that could have been spent making new features or wowing the user in more obvious ways. In addition, optimizing pages… Read More