Stealth Internship: Collections

Kelsey, a Product Manager (PM) intern here at Redfin over the summer, took a non-traditional approach to writing about her summer internship – she created a mock-up. We’ve been sitting on it for months while we published posts by other interns describing their impact, their pre-Redfin identity crises, past lives in biostatistics, and how there’s… Read More

There’s No Place Like Redfin

In the beginning, finding an internship seemed daunting. Working as a peer advisor in the University of Washington’s Career Center during my junior year, I already knew all too well the struggles involved in searching, applying, and achieving any position at all, let alone one that checked off certain boxes – one that was tailored… Read More

Redfin Journey

My internship at Redfin has been somewhat of an untraditional one. I just finished my PhD in biostatistics this spring, a journey that took six years to complete. I had been in school my whole life, spent many of those years doing research, and had never really tried anything outside of academia. As graduation neared,… Read More

Enter Stage Left: Redfin

Once upon a time, I found myself having a crisis of identity about whether Computer Science was really for me. It was my Junior year of college and I had just finished up back-to-back internships at Amazon and Google. Some detached part of me reasoned that I was destined for CS to have played with… Read More

Redfin at PennApps!

This past weekend I had the privilege of representing Redfin as a mentor at the PennApps 48-hour hackathon at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In addition to having sponsors help cover the cost of the event, PennApps invited companies to send along representatives to help answer questions that students might have during the competition…. Read More