Meet Redfin’s First Customers in Atlanta

While we were busy getting our site ready to search all the homes for sale in Atlanta, our local agent James Marks helped first-time home buyers Greg and Alison close on a home in Marietta.  They’d heard through the press that Redfin was coming to Atlanta and Googled us.  Our Atlanta Redfin Facebook page popped up.  Through Facebook, they set up a meeting with James at a local coffee shop.  He helped them search for homes in the local MLS, toured around 20 homes with them, and ultimately negotiated their offer and helped them close on a home in Marietta.

Greg and Alison in front of their new home in Marietta.

Greg and Alison in front of their new home in Marietta.

Even though Greg and Alison weren’t able to use our site to search for homes, they couldn’t be happier with their experience buying with James.  When they were putting together their offer, Alison noted that James advised them to start the bidding a little lower than necessary and to expect the price to rise a bit.  “James advised us to offer around 14% below list price; better to start lower and inch up.  We ended up paying 96% of the list price which was comfortably in our range.”  James’ local knowledge really came through as he gave recommendations for neighborhoods to avoid and attorneys to help with the closing process.  Alison remarked that “James seemed to know people in every arena of real estate.”

Greg & Alison’s Tips for First-Time Buyers

After going through the home-buying process, Greg and Alison share a few tips for fellow first-time buyers:

  1. Make a list of deal breakers: “We made an initial list of everything we had to have in a home; but once we started touring and driving by, the list began to change as we zeroed in on what was most important.  You begin to figure out what you can and can’t live without.”
  2. Drive around and look at homes: “We were amazed how easy it was to whittle down our list after driving by homes in-person.  You catch things you don’t see online like huge power lines behind the house.”
  3. Get to know the neighborhood: “We found a great house that had everything we wanted, but it wasn’t in a great neighborhood and didn’t want to be surrounded by irritable neighbors.  You’re not just buying a home, you’re buying into a community.”

Congrats to Greg and Alison!