Winter doldrums… and only a few places that make leaving the house worthwhile


It’s been a rough winter… a lot of snow, cold temps, and we’re getting kind of tired of spending half an hour bundling up in scarves, hats, gloves, boots, sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters, just to get out the door. Likewise, like our spirits, inventory in Brighton and Brookline is down. I counted only 161 listings in Brighton this week, and 307 for Brookline.

Not a whole lot to look at, but a few properties caught our eye:

78 Kilsyth Road, no.3, Brighton, MA, $385K, 1300 square feet , Brighton, MA — is almost Brookline but about $100,000 less than it would cost you for a 2 bed just one block over. Of course, it’s still Brighton.

158 Kelton Street, no. 3, $389,9K, 1020 square feet, Brighton — We want to check this one out for interior decorating tips. It’s a little pricey for the square footage for Brighton, and Kelton is not one of Brighton’s prettiest streets, but the unit itself looks like something we’d want to see.

227 SUMMIT AVE #104W, $599K, 1121 square feet, Brookline, MA — It’s only a one bedroom, but it’s a big one and has got a spectacular one-of-a-kind view of the city, a patio and a huge terrace.

134 FULLER ST #1, $669K, 1640 square feet. Brookline, MA — Okay, so it’s on the first floor, but it’s a HUGE 3 bed, has got a fireplace, and a marble bathroom.

1080 BEACON ST #3B, $595K, 1392 square feet, Brookline — This 3 bed is in a great location, and the building has charm up the WAZOO (hey is that a word?)

We’re almost curious enough to get off the couch, don a scarf and brave the cold.

  • anon

    WAZOO’s a word in Pullman, Washington. Not sure about whether it’s considered a word in the rest of the country. Of course, around University of Washington, WAZOO is considered a “bad” word…

    “Washington State University (“Wazoo”) in Pullman, about 300 miles to the east, is the second university..”

  • Betty

    Interesting post. I’ve had my eye on some of the same properties.

    Its cool that you picked out the same ones.

  • Janice

    Thanks. I love that area of the city.

  • Sean

    I have nothing against the word “Wazoo”… though I’ve only hear it use to mean “unusually amounts of something”… Anyway, these are really nice finds. My favorite is between the one at Kilsyth Road and the one at Fuller St., though the one at Beacon is nice too. The Kilsyth one would be better if it had at least a half-bath as well.

  • Noelle

    Yeah, the one at Fuller street looks really nice, though it’s also the most expensive of the bunch.

  • Steven

    The Fuller St. condo is the most expensive, though the details look like it’s worth it.

  • pamela.reynolds

    I have a friend who lives in a very similar unit on Fuller Street. It’s a very cool place because it has all the old-world charm of a Brownstone, including fireplace and woodwork, and best thing of all, it’s around the corner from Clear Flour bakery!

  • Ted

    The Fuller Street one sounds really neat and even though it is the most expensive, it seems like a better deal than the Summit Ave one. Summit Ave has only one bedroom and less square footage and its only 70k less.